Success In Helping Businesses Grow with Social Media

The success of any small business professional is measured in how those they serve appreciate what they offer.
Having founded Left Turn Marketing, Inc. nearly 20 years ago, I’ve been blessed to have worked with so many people to help them create success for their businesses.  Here’s a sampling of some of feedback from some of the people I’ve worked with and I’ll look forward to an opportunity to work wtih you as well!
Whether we ever work together or not, best wishes great success whatever paths you choose!
Scott Kosak
President, Left Turn Marketing, Inc.
Founder of Making Social Simple and 
"Scott helped me traverse the minefield of social media marketing. He started by teaching me the basics of targeting an audience and testing ads. Then he walked me through the process of collecting and analyzing data so that my ads would reach more of my target audience. His guidance and teaching helps me spread my message and brand for less effort and at a lower cost."
Russel Harlow Jr.
Franchise Owner, Advanta Clean of Windham, CT
"Beyond my radio career, I continued to collaborate with Scott in building my Vacation Rental business where he was a key consultant in helping to design our initial marketing campaigns, especially in understanding the ongoing use of Social Media to build engagement with and grow our reach with new potential customers. His social media skills are excellent."
Dave Robbins
CEO/Owner, Florida Getaway Vacation Homes
"I have worked with Scott now for years as both an employee and as a consultant to my companies. He is deeply insightful on how to use data and marketing techniques to drive revenue growth but also deeper relationships with customers for many purposes. He is a tremendous asset to whatever company he works with."
Arnim Whisler III
Owner, Chicago Red Stars of the National Women's Soccer League

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