A Well-Rounded Marketing & Social Media Expert

With 20 years of experience in advertising sales, marketing, and management, Scott Kosak is also an entrepreneur who embraced Social Media over a decade ago to build his own web-based business.  He’s worked with a variety of businesses of all sizes and he loves to teach small businesses how to build bridges between their businesses and consumers.

A Decade of Social Media Experience Has Led to his Simple Social Media Tips

Through his own web-based business and in various roles he has driven millions of website page views, promoted sports and retail events, driven ticket sales for entertainment venues, and streamlined marketing efforts through effective segmentation. As a consultant, he’s also helped other local businesses by sharing the Simple Social Media Tips he’s learned and used over the years.  Ultimately, these tips help business owners use social media more efficiently and more effectively without the need to spend a great deal of money on paid advertising.

Integrating Traditional Marketing with Modern Social Media

Just as important as Scott’s social media experience is his experience integrating general marketing concepts into advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes.  Having spent the last 20 years working in both traditional and digital media, he focuses on applying long-proven strategies to today’s new social platforms to develop greater engagement with more people over shorter periods of time.

So, Here He Is Now… Ready to Help Grow More Businesses!

Through a systematic approach to using social media, Scott has developed a set of Simple Social Media Tips that ANY business can easily implement.  When a business implements these tips, they are able to more effectively use social media to grow customer engagement and business.
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