18 Years of Marketing And Social Media Experience

With nearly 2 decades of experience in advertising sales, marketing, and management, Scott Kosak is also an entrepreneur who grew a web-based business that promoted over 1,000 local motorsports venues to millions of fans over the past 10 years.  In total, his marketing and social media experience  comes from working with a variety of businesses of all sizes and he loves to teach small businesses how to build bridges between their businesses and consumers.

10 Years of Social Media Experience Have Led to his Simple Social Media Tips

Scott’s career as an entrepreneur started in 2008.  That’s when he established his own business, Left Turn Marketing, Inc.  He soon launched RacingIn.com, an online race track directory, to help promote more than 1000 race tracks across the United States.  Since then, the site has connected over 5 million race fans with local race tracks.  He then used the techniques he learned while building that business and working with other local businesses to create his Simple Social Media Tips that he now shares with businesses as part of the Making Social Simple workshops.  Ultimately, these tips have been used to generate hundreds of thousands of webpage views, countless customer engagements, and a lot of sales.

Integrating Traditional Marketing with Modern Social Media

Just as important as Scott’s social media experience is his experience integrating general marketing concepts into advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes.  During his 18 year career in advertising, sales, marketing, and management, Scott has worked in many sales and management roles, including:

  • Account Executive, Sales Manager, & Motorsports Marketing Manager at WUSN-fm (US99.5)/CBS Radio
  • General Manager at WERV-fm (95.9 The River)
  • Vice President of Sales & Marketing at the Chicago Red Stars of the National Women’s Soccer League

Through these roles, Scott was able to work with businesses from virtually every industry and size.  In every role, the #1 goal was always using the right messaging and tactics to engage more customers and grow sales. 

So, Here We Are Today… Ready to Help Grow More Businesses!

Through a systematic approach to using social media, Scott has developed a set of Simple Social Media Tips that ANY business can easily implement.  When a business implements these tips, they are able to more effectively use social media to grow customer engagement and business. 
CLICK HERE to learn more about the Making Social Simple workshops and customized training opportunities.

To schedule a no-obligation Q&A session with Scott Kosak, use this link: https://calendly.com/makingsocialsimple

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