Making Social Media Simple for Franchise Owners & Groups

With most franchise businesses, the national office provides great support with branded corporate messaging and content to be used in social media.

Being successful as a franchise owner also requires you to understand how to LOCALIZE your corporate messaging so that you can actually interact with potential customers beyond the branded corporate content. 

Given our success in Making Social Simple for local businesses, our tips and tactics work especially well for franchise owners who want to truly localize their engagement and build both their customer base and referral networks.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"Scott helped me traverse the minefield of social media marketing. He started by teaching me the basics of targeting an audience and testing ads. Then he walked me through the process of collecting and analyzing data so that my ads would reach more of my target audience. His guidance and teaching helps me spread my message and brand for less effort and at a lower cost."
Russel Harlow Jr.
Franchise Owner, Advanta Clean of Windham, CT
Simple Social Media Tips

How I work with Franchisees

Very simply, I work with franchisees to help them understand basic social media strategies that will allow them to localize their messaging and engage their local community.

Making Social Simple can be activated individually via online consultation OR as a workshop with groups of franchisees.

Ultimately, the Simple Social Media Tips that are taught to franchisees will allow them to increase their customer engagement and reach with minimal additional expense on ads or boosts.

Most importantly, franchisees learn how to do so in less than 15 minutes a day so that they can use Social Media effectively and efficiently.

Our 'Free First Franchisee' Model

The business of Making Social Simple is built on PROVING OUR VALUE to helping you build your business.

Very simply, with any franchise brand, we will provide our initial consultation, social media review, and strategy session with the FIRST FRANCHISEE of a specific brand at no charge.  They will walk away from that initial engagement with a greater understanding of:

  • WHY localized engagement is important,
  • HOW to accomplish localized engagement,
  • EVALUATING what works and what doesn’t so they’re not wasting their time, and
  • WHAT TO DO GOING FORWARD to grow their business spending minimally and smartly.

In exchange for being the ‘Free First Franchisee’, we simply ask for your willingness to connect us with other franchisees who want to build their businesses, too.

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